Monday, July 29, 2013

My 2 Cents About Giveaway Central 21

The first giveaway will happen once I receive at least $24. Every month will hopefully be a larger amount of money, but it all depends on how many sponsors there are each time. The more sponsors, the bigger the prize! I will not publish the giveaway until there are at least 12 participants, to make the prize each time at least worth $25 (see "Be a Sponsor" tab for details). The giveaways will each be published on this blog and posted on multiple giveaway sites. These giveaways are open internationally, so if you are a sponsor you will be gaining followers and likes from around the globe! I hope you'll participate, and please click the "Be a Sponsor!" tab to get more details! 

I have experience with doing giveaways, and if you'd like to check out my other blog where I have done multiple successful art giveaways, here's the link to do so:

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