Be a Sponsor!

What Does It Mean To Be A Sponsor? 
Being a sponsor for Giveaway Central 21 means that you pay a small fee to get traffic to your social media sites, your blog, and your online shop. It means that once a month your sites will be part of a massive giveaway where thousands of people will enter to win giftcards and free stuff to places like Etsy, Etsy shops, Forever21, NastyGal, LoveCulture, Amazon, etc, etc. Your Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Blog, and Etsy (if you have one) will all be a part of the giveaway, and contestants will have to follow you, like you, favorite, and visit you in order to enter. Each time someone likes/follows/etc's you, they will get one entry point in the giveaway. 

This is ten times more effective than buying ad space on a blog, and you are also allowed to enter the giveaways!   

What's The Price? 

The price of being a sponsor for the month is currently $3. The $3 goes towards the prize. In return, you get hundreds of new followers and likes! The more sponsors the giveaway has, the bigger and better the prizes will be!

After Payment 

Please email me at kiwigurl93 [at] gmail [dot] com with the urls of your Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy shop, Instagram, and Blog. If you do not have all of these, don't worry, just send me the ones you do have and would like to promote. Please title your email "Sponsorship Submission URLS: Payed". Please also include in the email the Paypal address or name you used to pay with.

How Do I Pay? 

You can pay via Paypal right here:  


Once you're a sponsor you can grab my button for your blog or website! 

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